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Good things happen when we’re together

Our leading payments technology helps small businesses thrive in a world of giants. But together with our partners, we can reach more merchants and offer even better tools for success.

Whether you want to integrate with us, or distribute for us – we’re excited to see how we can join forces.

Payments integration partner

Use our unbeatable payments technology in your iOS app to accept card payments using an iZettle card reader.

Payments SDK for iOS

Get started right away with our plug-and-play SDK. Read the full documentation here.

Payments SDK for Android

Link iZettle card payments to your Android app with this SDK. Find the documentation here.

Application integration partner

Could our technology support your customers, or can your tools help ours? If you’re building great solutions that could complement the iZettle point of sale – we’d love to collaborate.


  • Help customers speed up their bookkeeping – integrate your accounting software with iZettle.


  • Allow merchants to manage their products, inventory and sales data in one place, and sync online and offline inventories in real time.


  • Integrate your appointment scheduling and service booking system with our point-of-sale to save merchants time and earn a share of the revenue.

Other integrations

  • We’re interested in completely new solutions, too. Get in touch with your request, or find out more about our APIs on the developer page.

Distribution partner

From selling our card reader to advertising iZettle on your website – there are a range of ways you can become a distribution partner. Sign up below, and start earning rewards today.

Online affiliate links

  • Our affiliate programme is free to join, and you can profit from referring traffic to iZettle. Find out more


  • As a reseller, you can offer your customers our cutting-edge payment service, software and hardware.


  • Start selling iZettle hardware products – like our popular card reader, iPad stand or cash drawer.

Other distributions

  • If you have another idea for how you’d like to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you.