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Payment Solutions

Payment Links

What is a Payment Link?

iZettle Payment Links allow you to get paid, whatever your location. Send a one-time link to your customer via email, SMS or social media messaging and they can click it to pay securely straight away. It’s an easy way to make a sale when your customer isn’t physically with you.

Take remote payments

Payment Links offer a great alternative payment method when you can’t meet your customer face-to-face. By sending a Payment Link via SMS, Whatsapp or email, you make it easy to get paid.

iZettle Go app


Price per payment link


No setup fees, no lock-in contracts

Generate a Payment Link

Allow customers to pay by link over the phone or online in a few simple steps

Open the iZettle Go app

To generate a link, first, open your iZettle Go app and add the products your customer wants to buy.

Get a one-time link

Tap ‘Charge’ and then select ‘Send link’. Fill in your customer’s name or a reference (to keep track of your sent links).

Send to customer

Choose how you’d like to send the link, by SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or email. You’ll receive a confirmation when your customer has paid.

Get notifications

For peace of mind, we’ll notify you once your customer has activated the link and their payment is successful.

Safe and secure

Payment Links are a safe option for both parties. Once you’ve sent the link to your customer, they enter their card details on their phone, tablet or computer. None of their information is stored, and as soon as they send payment, the link is deactivated.

How to get started


Create an iZettle account


Download the iZettle Go app


Activate the feature in the app


Send Payment Links right away