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iZettle E-commerce

Prohibited Segments

Below is a list of products and/or services that are not allowed when using our Services.

We do our best to keep this list up to date; however, as legislation and card network rules change quickly, this list may change need to be updated quickly and without prior notice.

If you do not comply with these prohibitions, access to the Services may be removed without notice both for you and any end-users, and you may be refused further access to the Services.

You confirm that you are domiciled in the country you are registered with a physical presence and confirm that operations are not based in another country (no post box or shell companies).

Prohibited for all transactions

You shall not use our Services to receive payment for goods and/or services that:

(I) relate to (a) prescription drugs (unless the seller has all applicable authorisations for the supply of such drugs and such supply is made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations); (b) steroids and narcotics; (c) drug paraphernalia; (d) are weapons;

(II) relate to live streams, dating (including sex dating), erotic dance or comparable services; relate to pornography, including child pornography, sex clubs, escort services, prostitution, magazines, videos or images with pornographic content and sex toys in cases where such products are the only products marketed; relate to time-sharing (such as where the customer can purchase partial ownership of the right to use an accommodation during certain weeks of the year); are human body parts; promote hate and racism or other extreme political views; are illegal wildlife trade;

(III) constitute financial services; are pyramid or Ponzi schemes or multi-level marketing programs; relate to fortune telling / clairvoyant; relate to travel agencies/ airline tickets; relate to virtual currency which can be converted/exchanged to real money; relate to vouchers with a longer duration than 36 months; relate to gambling, betting, lotteries, bingo and other casino services or are binary option trades; are file hosting services (including cyberlockers); are marketplaces; are aggregators; are illegal activities (such as illegal sale of prescription drugs/tobacco/alcohol products), services, replica products and the peripheral support (service providing) of illegal activities (counterfeit goods, illegal electronic devices, and products or services which infringe upon copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights); are circumvention devices; relate to so-called “anonymity services”, if the purpose of the service is to cover a person’s identity on the internet;

(IV) are prohibited by law; are listed in the card network rules (including BRAM/GBPP) or, at iZettle’s sole discretion, are otherwise doubtful from a risk, complaint or reputational perspective.

iZettle’s shall at its sole discretion decide whether your use of the Services shall be deemed attributable to any of the above products or services and therefore not in accordance with iZettle's terms and conditions.

Additional prohibitions for card not present transactions

In addition, you shall not use our Services when accepting a card not present transaction to receive payment for goods and/or services that:

(I) relate to (a) pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals services (including prescription and no-prescription drugs and chemicals); (b) nutraceuticals;

(II) contain tobacco (including vape/ e-cigarette);

(III) are donations;

(IV) are illegal according to laws and legislation in the country where you target your sales and/or marketing.