iZettle gift cards – unwrap the rewards

Enjoy all the benefits of selling gift cards, with zero hassle. Create, sell and redeem your gift cards, right in your iZettle app. Click below to visit our partner site to order real gift cards.

Say hello to new customers

Let your customers spread the word to others about your business in the best way – with a gift.

Boost sales, reduce returns

No more unwanted gift returns! Plus, when customers use a gift card, they often spend a bit extra, too.

Reduce daily admin

Setting up, selling and bookkeeping your gift cards is easy, and can be done directly in my.izettle.com or the iZettle Go app.

Getting started with iZettle gift cards

You can start selling gift cards right away. Set up the gift cards feature in my.izettle.com or the iZettle Go app, and give gift codes to your customers any way you like. You can even order real, plastic gift cards to sell in store – choose from our range of designs, or create your own.


Set up gift cards feature in myizettle.com or the iZettle Go app


Share codes with your customer


Track and redeem codes easily


Bookkeep gift card payments seamlessly

Seamless sales, both sides of the till

iZettle Go is our user-friendly POS app offers a fast, professional checkout experience. Download it for free and start taking payments right away.

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Get started with gift cards

Create, track and bookkeep gift cards with ease. Reduce returns, bring new customers into your store and boost sales.