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API integrations

Our APIs don’t just cover card payments, we’ve got a range of resources that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems so you can offer your customers even more.

Payment SDK integrations

Easy to integrate and simple to use, this SDK allows you to take card payments and issue refunds from within your own app.

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Inventory API

Use our Inventory API to improve and enhance your inventory management system. Update stock and access information about your restock history.

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Finance API

Access information about iZettle transactions such as card payments, card fees, payouts and iZettle Advance payments, and connect it to your accounting system.

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Product library API

Create a visual product library to organise your stock in an attractive way, help ring up sales intuitively and easily apply discounts.

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Purchase API

Use the purchase API to fetch useful POS sales data such as price, VAT and payment method, and sync it with your own system.

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oAuth API

Use the OAuth API to securely handle authorisation requests from app users and issue access tokens.

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iZettle SDK for iOS

Our payment SDK enables you to effortlessly accept card payments using an iZettle Reader and your iOS App.

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