Confirm your identity

As an e-money institution, we always need to know who we are doing business with. This means that sometimes we may need to ask for additional information once you have set up your iZettle account. If you are asked to confirm your identity, you will need to do this before you can start taking payments.
The information you send to us is of course handled according to our extremely high security standards, as well as the global PCI DSS regulations.

If you are a sole trader or a partnership, we may need this additional information from you:
  • A copy of your driving licence or passport.
  • A copy of a utility bill. It needs to be in your name and no more than 3 months old.
To provide us with these documents, simply sign in to your iZettle portal and upload them there, or sign in to the iZettle Go app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you have sent us your documents, we will review them and get back to you as soon as possible. If the information that you’ve sent us matches the information you’ve registered with us, we will confirm your identity and you will be able to start taking card payments.

No confirmation
If the documents that you’ve uploaded don’t show the correct information, or if the information doesn’t match what you provided in the registration, you will be asked to repeat the procedure.

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