Selling in Style

3 november 2011

Hunkydory SaleHunkydory Sale

You’ve finally found the venue and are ready to hit the sale. Running up and down the aisles, you’re trawling through the clothes for that special t-shirt you just have to lay your hands on. And just as you’re about to give up, you finally see that familiar pattern and you happily grab it when you realise that… No. You did not go to the ATM. All that is left in that sleek wallet of yours is a piece of plastic.

Don’t fret. These days that special piece of plastic is all you need, even when you go to a shop that is so temporary it hadn’t seen the light of day yesterday, and will no longer be around tomorrow. With iZettle, card payments are everywhere. Whenever you want them to, and wherever you are.

Swedish fashion brand Hunkydory had one of their biannual warehouse sales last week and of course geared up with iZettle. Several mobile yet stylish checkouts were happily accepting payments for the fashionable items on sale. Payments made easy, for sure.

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