A Day in the Life at iZettle

3 februari 2012

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Have you ever wondered what start-up life is like? Well, ask no more. Enter iZettle HQ.

There’s a small gathering around the coffee machine, a bunch of people discussing an idea for a new product feature, yesterday’s meeting with a big new client, and how to solve a bug in tomorrow’s release. There’s no time for a break, discussions are going – coffee in hand.

Move on to the desks, there’s someone tweaking a new page on the website, a Support member helping out a user on Twitter, and someone on the design team tearing their hair out to get the look of that new feature exactly right. All hard at work, and all set against a backdrop of big screens with pages of code that would make even the most hardcore programming hearts melt.

Finally, there’s also what you can’t see. There are the ambitious goals, the strive for pixel perfection and the impossible deadlines that we’ll all just pull through to with an abundance of filter coffee (make that buzzing with ideas and caffeine) and the occasional pizza and coding marathon. And with the tunes from the communal Spotify list pumping in the background. If you think it sounds good, we can promise you: It is.

Sounds like something for you? Let us know! We’re still looking for a number of talented people to join the team.

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