Settle in a Home Away from Home

7 februari 2013

Here’s a tip for the weary travellers out there! German iPartment offers people who live or work temporarily in Cologne a real alternative to large and impersonal hotels: the opportunity to move in, on short notice, into a stylish and completely furnished apartment. iPartment also offers handy services such as cleaning and delivery of the daily newspaper. And to make things even simpler, guests are now able to pay for their stay using iZettle.

“Guests from Germany usually pay by bank transfer. But for our international guests this isn’t always as easy”, explains Matthias Rincón, CEO of iPartment. “Because we accompany our guests during their move in and out we can now, thanks to iZettle, offer them to pay their rent and service with debit and credit cards right away.”

Sounds like a brilliant home away from home. Don’t you think?

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