Zettling Up as a Mobile Hairdresser!

11 april 2013


Most entrepreneurs probably remember the “aha moment” that led them to start a business based on that single great idea. iZettler Sandra Wik recalls that she got her idea at the 100th birthday party of her great-grandmother, who had been sad that she wasn’t able to make herself look nice for the party.

At that time, Sandra was only 14 years old. Now, she’s 19 and runs a successful mobile hairdressing company. Cut and Drive makes house calls to all kinds of customers – elderlies, stressed out families and busy entrepreneurs – to give them nice haircuts, styling and make-up. Sandra’s idea has even been honoured with the Anders Wall Scholarship, Sweden’s finest award for young entrepreneurship!

For Sandra, iZettle is almost as essential as the scissors she cuts with, since she has realized that many people don’t always carry cash: “My customers think it’s a fantastic solution to pay with cards via my smartphone. When I have new customers, they always want to stand next to me to see how it’s done”.

The strong drive that we see in young talents like Sandra is what inspires us to keep working hard on empowering entrepreneurship and making payments easier for all!

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