Classic Vintage, Modern Payments

22 mei 2013


Gafa means “glasses” in Spanish, and Gafa Vintage is just that: vintage glasses and sunnies! Based in Madrid, Gafa Vintage only sells classic models of sunglasses from the 50s up to the 80s. Vintage junkies wanting to complete their Audrey Hepburn or Dean Martin looks can buy the right eyewear on the Gafa Vintage website where you also find inspiration and “eyeconics”. International hipsters need not worry - they have worldwide shipping.

Shoppers who prefer to actually try on the shades before making a purchase can try to catch Gafa Vintage at any of the markets they usually visit. To make things as simple and convenient as possible, payments are taken via iZettle.

“We can’t afford to just direct our customers to the nearest ATM, since there’s a high risk that they don’t come back! Now, thanks to iZettle, we can serve all customers and have increased our sales!” says Sandy Moragon of Gafa Vintage.

We must say that we utterly adore the classic eyewear models, but we also think that this is a great example of an online business turning to iZettle when taking its sales IRL.

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