This is Hack Week

13 maart 2014

We’re quickly running out of coffee filters, the recycling bins are overflowing with Red Bull cans and one of the of the kitchen tables has been transformed into a wood working station. It’s Hack Week at iZettle.

For our developers, this is basically like Christmas. Well, at least some sort of celebration. A celebration of code, one could say. This week, developers are free to choose what to work on, who to work with, and how to work. This kind of freedom lets developers spend an entire week pursuing their ideas, working in new constellations and creating groundbreaking lines of code. The result: Brand new features or improvements to anything from system stability and testing to the flow of the app. These are advanced projects that require full focus and long hours, so it’s a good thing that developers are provided with any kind of food they could ever want. The freedom of Hack Week also means that it’s completely normal to find two guys working on a robot in the kitchen!

Hack Weeks are held about three times per year, and this time we’re celebrating the 3rd edition. Previous versions have resulted in the development of great features such as Recommend iZettle and Smart Rate. It’s still too early to say what will come of this Hack Week - developers will present their creations on Monday. However, we know that we’ll be utterly amazed. Some of us are secretly hoping that the robot can be programmed to fetch lunch orders. Now that would be awesome. 

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