5 things you didn't know you could do with your smartphone

28 mei 2014


Isn’t it amazing how SMART smartphones are today? You can use them to take snapshots of food, check in at the gym, Google recipes, listen to Coldplay on Spotify, play Wordfeud and of course - share the latest news about what you’re up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… AND, as you all know - you can even use them to get paid (via iZettle, of course)! On top of all this, there are tons of other great uses for a smartphone - that might not have crossed your mind yet. 

  1. Smartphones let you store your business cards in a safe place so they don’t end up in getting lost the washing machine, for example. There are several apps out there that let you scan business cards and save them to phone contacts or to LinkedIn. Check out ABBYY for example! 
  2. Ever wondered how your smartphone knows exactly when to rotate it’s screen? Well now you can get your facts straight. Most include an accelerometer, which can also be used as a spirit-level; so now, when you’re organizing your product displays, or setting up pop-up shops, you can use this feature to make sure it’s all straight! (This feature is already installed into the compass app on iOS, and can be downloaded as an app on Android.)
  3. Forgot the name of that thingamajig? Google Goggles can remember it for you. Just take a photo of the unknown object using your smartphone’s camera then upload it to the web via Google Goggles and wait patiently for the search engine’s database to generate a quick answer…
  4. We all get stressed at work. There’s no doubt. Back in the day, you’d press two fingers against the artery in your neck or wrist and count the number of heartbeats per minute to figure out just HOW stressed you really were: “hang on, was I on 55 or 65…? Better start again!“ Well, technology is keeping up with our modern stresses and we can now keep these measurements under control with the Instant Heart Rate App. Now - make sure to take it easy!
  5. Ever spent hours trying to locate your car after having to park it in an odd spot to make a business meeting? Not to worry - there’s an app for that too! check out Car Locator that will help you find your beloved car time and time again. 

 Well, did you learn something new? 

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