Was the payment approved?

Taking payments with iZettle is very simple. Simply enter the amount, insert or swipe the card, ask your customer to sign or enter their PIN and send off a receipt via email.
But every now and then something happens, and you’re not sure whether a payment has been completed. 
What to do then? Simply follow these instructions:
- Did you see the “Thank you” message in the app? Then you’re good.
- You can also view your payments history directly in the iZettle app. If the payment is approved it will be displayed in black text.
- If it's been cancelled or reversed it will appear in red text.
- You can also ask your customer to check their inbox. If the payment went through and a receipt was sent, there should be an email from us with information about the payment.
If you’re still uncertain, please get in touch. Simply send us an email with the transaction’s reference number and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we’ve looked into it.

Remember that if you cancel a transaction, or if it is interrupted, the money might still be reserved in your customer’s account for a few days. Please read more here.

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