Fraudulent transactions

At iZettle we do everything in our power to minimise fraud. Our first line of defence in protecting our users is the use of chip. This virtually eliminates the risks associated with skimming - the number one risk associated with mag stripe cards. We also make real time checks ensuring that a card presented for payment is not stolen.
Having your customers enter their PIN into the Card Reader Lite, Pro or iZettle Reader adds an extra level of security, since this confirms that you have the true cardholder in front of you.
When using the Chip & signature reader, merchants ultimately have responsibilities that include making sure that cards used belong to the person presenting the card.
This means that, as a guiding principle: When the Card Reader Lite, Pro or iZettle Reader is used the liability lies with the cardholder, while with the Chip & signature reader it lies with the merchant.
But provided that you adhere to our Terms & Conditions and apply sound judgement and fraud-risk-awareness, we will do our utmost to make sure that you will receive funds swiftly and securely into your bank account.
Fraud-risk-awareness implies verifying the following information:
- that the cardholder's signature is on the back of the card and that it matches the signature input on the screen (if you’re using the Chip & signature reader)

- that the card has not expired

- the card does not look tampered with
As an additional security measure, you can check the cardholder's ID to see that it matches the name on the card.
Please make sure to follow these guidelines and the overall iZettle Terms & Conditions, and you can rest assured we will do everything in our power to support you.

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