Once a payment has been completed, the app displays a window where you can choose to send the receipt via e-mail, text message or to print the receipt. You can of course also choose to write a physical receipt. 

Read more here about how iZettle handle your customers’ contact details.

Receipt via email

To send a receipt via email, simply let your customer enter his or her email address and click on “Done”. The receipt is then sent via email to your customer’s inbox.

Receipt via text message

Same goes for a receipt via text message; let your customer enter his or her mobile phone number and click on “Done”. The receipt is then sent via text message to your customer’s mobile phone. You don’t pay for the text message.

Printed receipts 

In order to print a receipt, you need to have a compatible printer connected, simply enable which printer you want to print from in the settings. Read more about supported printers here. 

Skaff deg printer

You can choose to manually print the receipt after each payment, or to print it automatically as soon as a payment has been completed. To activate automatic printing of the receipt, go the settings in the app. 


Physical receipt

If your customer doesn't have an email address or mobile number, or if you’re unable to print the receipt, you can write one by hand.

The receipt needs to contain the following information: 
  • Name of your business
  • Address of your business
  • Receipt ID or transaction reference
  • Transaction amount and currency
  • Transaction date
  • Truncated card number (only the last four digits)

How iZettle stores your customers' contact details

iZettle only uses the contact details of your customers to send receipts. Their contact details will not be shared with anyone. If your customer want us to remove their contact details, ask them to follow the link in their receipt. 

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