Hello Denmark, Norway and Finland!

28. februar 2012

Nordic iZettle App

iZettlers. Know the blog post you’ve all been told to look out for? This is that blog post. Today we’re starting our international launch with a release on the App Stores of Denmark, Finland and Norway! Words can’t describe how excited we are.

Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work making sure that everything will be smooth sailing. So all Nordic neighbours, please try us out and let us know what you think.

In this open beta we’ll be sending out 5,000 free card readers per country, and it is: First come, first served. So make sure to get in quick. Simply jump on the App store and download the app, create an iZettle account and start taking card payments.

And please spread the word. Let your friends know that now everyone can take card payments!

Want to know more about what today means for us? Read all about it in today’s press release.

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