From Stockholm With Love

2. mars 2012

Phone with Thank You Message

Thank you to all our Nordic neighbours for the amazing response to our launch on Tuesday. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw the app hitting number 2 on the Norwegian App Store, number 7 in Finland and number 11 in Denmark. We are so very happy and honoured by this.

We really look forward to getting your feedback during this open beta, and to make sure we get the views from both businesses and individuals, we will send out card readers evenly to these two groups. We must say your interest has been overwhelming, which means card readers for individuals in Norway are already out and their Danish counterparts are disappearing fast. But small businesses, don’t dismay. There are still some readers left for you in all countries. So, everyone, please spread the word to entrepreneurial friends.

To those of you who might have missed out on this first release, please continue using the app or simply borrow your friend’s card reader. We won’t forget about you. There will be more card readers and we will get back to you with information on how and when as soon as we can.

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