Being Cashless Won't Leave You Burgerless

12. juli 2012

Burger Bro's

Feeling hungry? These bros figured you were. That’s why Adam and Oskar, a.k.a. Burger Bro’s, decided to satisfy your cravings and extend their normal 9 to 5 work week to grill mouth-watering burgers in various parks and street corners around Stockholm after hours. Their mission is to spread happiness through good food, happy people and good music, and it is simplified by iZettle, which allows them to accept card payments from hungry customers.

“When we are grilling burgers in parks, clubs, markets or on the street, we have to be flexible and offer our customers the ability to pay both with card or cash, otherwise we lose out on sale opportunities”, Adam tells us. “Card payments mean we don’t have to give back change, and lead to higher sales than only accepting cash does. It’s super smooth and easy.”

This is definitely good news for all. And we can promise you that no one would want to walk away with an empty stomach after getting a whiff of what’s grillin’…

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