Support a Good Cause and Be a Whistleblower for Peace

9. august 2012

Falling Whistles

By now, most of you have probably noticed that we get really excited every time we hear about someone using iZettle in a cool and unique way. What makes us even more enthusiastic is when it comes to our attention that iZettle is used for a charitable cause.

Today, we are proud to tell you that non-profit organisation Falling Whistles uses iZettle to collect donations toward their campaign for peace in Congo. Their idea is simple, yet effective – they sell whistles that are to be worn as a necklace and thus act as a conversation starter helping them spread the word about the cause. The necklace acts as a symbol for the whistles worn by child soldiers in Congo.

As we write, Falling Whistles is hosting a two-day event at F12 in Stockholm, and naturally a few people from the iZettle team stopped by last night. We listened to the Founder’s interesting speech about the situation in Congo as well as some good tunes by cool DJs and live artists.

Throughout the night, whistles were available for purchase, and although the good cause naturally overshone the payment method, people were pretty impressed by iZettle as well. If you are in the mood for partying for a good cause and want to catch a glimpse of iZettle in action, you still have a chance tonight. Check out the event right here.

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