Introducing the Cashless iZettle Cab Wash

15. august 2012

iZettle Cab Wash

A few weeks back, London cabbies were baffled to find parts of the iZettle team offering cab washes at the Taxi Canteen off Great Suffolk Street. And, yes, cab washing is actually one of our hidden talents. Taxi cab drivers with cabs in need of a good wash could simply pay £3 to get their cars sparkling and shining like new, and received a first-hand demo of the iZettle service when they paid afterwards.

The iZettle Cab Wash team spent an entire afternoon washing cars and spreading the word about iZettle, and were very pleased to hear that a couple of the drivers were already happy iZettlers!

At iZettle, we are always more than happy to get out of the office to talk to people about how they can start accepting card payments on the go. And we’re constantly on the lookout for inspiring ways to do this. Should we play guitar and sing about iZettle on street corners? Hand out crisps on the underground? Drop us a note if you have any creative ideas!

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