iKentoo+iZettle in action at Churchill’s Port House pop-up bar

13. februar 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we launched our first SDK. Yay! However - most of you are probably still wondering what in the world an SDK is. In the blog, we explained that a Software Development Kit – a.k.a. SDK – is a package of pre-written code that developers can use in their apps. In other words, we’re providing iOS developers with the ability to add iZettle payment services to their own apps.

Still confused? Well, now you can actually see it in action. The video above features Churchill’s Port House. Churchill’s wine company has a few years on its neck, and decided last autumn to open London’s first pop-up port bar. The idea behind the whole concept was to show that port is more accessible than it’s perceived. “Pop-ups are temporal and fresh, that’s what people fall in love with”, says founder Max Graham. Setting up a restaurant or bar can be a real challenge, but here’s how they made it happen! 

First, they found a nice venue in SoHo through Appear Here, an online marketplace that helps brands and retailers find space to rent flexibly. The next challenge was how to accept card payments. Since traditional merchant accounts can be quite expensive, they wanted an alternative. Moreover, they needed to take orders in an easy way and allow guests to pay at the table. Luckily, they found iKentoo! iKentoo is a point-of-sale (POS) system for bars and restaurants, and - as it happens - one of the first apps to have integrated our SDK! 

Now, Churchill’s Port House can easily take orders and handle secure card payments via iKentoo and iZettle. Well, that’s basically our SDK in a nutshell. We’re so happy to finally see it in action, and hope to see many more cases like this in the near future. Check out the whole story in the video clip above!

Do you want to get started with iZettle in your own restaurant, café, or bar? Great news! In March, we have a special campaign where you can buy a Chip & PIN reader with a 50% discount! Learn more here.

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