Hi iZettlers!

17 juni 2011

We’ve been working hard the last few months and are excited to be launching a new site today. But we’re even more excited that we are live in the system with our first users since a few days. So far we’re in a closed beta mode but we are just a few weeks away from launching in App store and opening up for more users.

If you have signed up on the iZettle website we’ll get in touch in the next coming weeks to let you know more about when and how you can start using iZettle.

To start with iZettle will be available in Sweden only but we hope to have news about more countries to share with you at the end of summer.

And finally – thanks again for the amazing response! We’re closing in to 40,000 views of our video on YouTube and we’ve seen countless tweets, emails and kind words from all over the world. We’re very honored and rest assured we’re working hard to make iZettle a great service and available for as many of you as ever possible.

Thank you all for you support so far.

The iZettle team

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