Card Readers Now Sold Online in Sweden

29 juni 2012

Card Reader

It probably hasn’t escaped anyone that our card readers are sold in Telia shops all over Sweden. For only 199 SEK exc. VAT you get one of our chip-card readers, and a voucher for 200 SEK toward iZettle transaction fees. Easy. Starting this Monday, the 2nd of July, the same offer will apply online.

The reason for this is very simple. Security is, as you very well know, a top priority here at iZettle. Our mini chip-card readers are no exception, and we’ve designed them to ensure card details always remain safe and free from harm. But as you can probably understand, our little devices come with a price, which is why, when signing up for iZettle in Sweden, you’ll now be prompted to decide whether you’d like a card reader or not.

Please note that this applies to Sweden only. Danish, Finnish and Norwegian iZettlers, we understand that many of you can’t wait to get your hands on a reader. We will continue our Nordic beta this summer, and are hoping to have more news for you in a not too distant future. In the UK, the closed beta continues, and we have just a very few spots left on the programme. So if you’re UK based and would like to get onboard, make sure to request an invite soon.

Thank you.

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