iZettle at Fashion Week in Berlin

21 januari 2013

iZettle at Fashion Week

As you all know, we’re a rather design orientated bunch here at iZettle. And while we do appreciate all parts of life, we do like to see our service in beautiful surroundings. That’s why last week we ironed our shirts, brushed off our jackets and got all dressed up after finding out that the Show & Order fair, part of the Berlin Fashion Week, was using iZettle to accept card payments.

Stephan Otterbach, one of the organisers of the fair, says that iZettle “supports us with our service for the exhibitors: Whenever tables, movable walls or such are used, card charges can be paid fast and safe via iZettle. This uncomplicated procedure fits well to the style of this event”.

We expect it fits as well as the tailored fashion on display. Next step, iZettle on the catwalk.

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