Technology - it’s a weird and wonderful thing.

26 juni 2014

Technology - will we ever be on top of it? It always seems that once we think we’ve caught up with the latest trends and designs, we’re back to being 5 steps behind, with the “I’m not as cool” version. As frustrating as this seems, let’s take a step back for a minute and check out how crazy some of these technology developments have actually been over the years… 

The first hard drive was made by IBM in 1956 and was called IBM Model 350 Disk File. The first-generation storage unit was huge, with a cabinet the size of a cupboard that held 50 24-inch disks and held an impressive 5MB of data. Seems they thought ‘the bigger the better’ back then.

Did you know that email has been around since before the World Wide Web? We can barely comprehend that - but then again, we can barely comprehend how anything got done before the days of the internet. The first emails could only be sent to someone using the same local host with two computers literally side by side. In late 1971, Raymond S Tomlinson sent the first useful email to a user separated from the same host by simply implementing a minor addition to the protocol that was being used. This guy is also responsible for the “@“ sign in the email address which we still use today. When asked why he chose the “@” sign, he just said it made sense. Can’t argue with a developer! 

Here’s a slightly depressing figure for you - on average, typists’ fingers travel 12.6 miles a day. If only we could fit in a full body workout that long without realising! Then again, haven’t you always wanted fit fingers? Back we go to balancing on the yoga ball…

Ever tried to imagine life without Facebook and all the endless opportunities it provides us? We can’t. The social media channel has grown so ridiculously that it now reports over 1 billion registered users and if it were it a country, it would have had 3rd largest population in the World. We know where we’d be living!

The first photo camera took 8 hours to take a photo, during which you would need to remain still. Imagine trying to cope with that nowadays: wait, let me take a selfie… Hold it, hold it! No thanks, not for us, our instant camera phones suit us just fine, thanks.

There’s one thing that we really had to wrap our brains around and that seemed to take longer to get up to speed. The credit card machine. Up until recently, people had to deal with clunky, ugly and pricey card machines in order to keep their businesses up to date with all the other developments surrounding them. However, this is no longer a problem! iZettle’s mini Chip & PIN reader means there’s no excuse to get left behind. Take payments, stay cool ;-)

Looking at this, we’re actually spoilt with the current devices and machines we have, but don’t even recognise it as we’re always looking for the next best thing. So, we’re taking the time out to give technology developments across the years a big pat on the back. Well done!

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