Running Wild with iZettle

21 oktober 2011

Friluftsfrämjandet and Lasätter Farm

One of the best things about iZettle is the mobility. You can use the service anytime, anywhere: To accept payments for coffees at your corner shop, new memberships for the local chess club or donations at your children’s school fair. Just fish the card reader out of your pocket and you’re ready to go!

Some people take “payments on the go” more literally than others. One of them is Carl Crafoord of Friluftsfrämjandet Nyköping. He uses iZettle to accept payments from the organisation’s members.

“Handling cash in a non-profit organisation is very difficult – but now we can take card payments directly on the bus when we go ice skating on the sea”, he says. Now that’s what we’d call mobile payments.

But Carl doesn’t just use iZettle at his day job. He is also an entrepreneur and when he clocks in to his other business at Lasätter Farm, he logs into his other iZettle account, pulls out the card reader and, once again, he’s ready to take card payments. Only this time it’s for delicious homemade elderflower cordial, rather than outings with fellow outdoor adventurers.

Do you perhaps have a business that’s ready to take off? Get iZettle, and be ready to do business whenever you want to, wherever you are.

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