iZettle goes festival!

31 juli 2013

It’s no secret that UK has been lucky enough this year to have one of it’s longest heat waves for as long as many of us can remember! We felt we had to make the most of the beautiful weather and get ourselves down to a outdoor party - so that’s exactly what we did.

Last Friday, we ventured into the Secret Garden Party, an annual independent arts and music festival launched as an alternative to the established mainstream music festivals, where we searched for the River and Temple Bar to find iZettle in action. iZettle have partnered with Peppermint Events, industry specialists operating festival bars and events, combining experience with fresh event concepts, brands, music and a professional service. This was the perfect timing to go out in the field and see the bars accepting card payments!

Making the lives of the happy festival go-ers easier, iZettle enabled Peppermint to accept card payments, instead of relying on their customers to carry cash. Accepting card at festivals is quite revolutionary as you’re normally restricted to cash, so we were more than excited to see our service breaking the mould!

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