Get Great Results with Email Marketing

11 september 2013


This post marks the final chapter of our mini series with business tips and tricks! This week’s topic: Mastering email marketing.

Email marketing is a great tool to help you kick start a new campaign, boost customer loyalty, increase sales, strengthen brand awareness, promote a new product… You get the picture! How to get there? Here are some pointers to help you on your way.

1. Make sure that what you’re communicating is interesting! What do your customers want to read about? In our experience discounts and offers are always welcome, and so are new product improvements. Perhaps you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime sale event with 90% off everything and free champagne? Very well, then. Let people know! (I’d come, wouldn’t you?)

2. Act professional! MailChimp is a free service that let’s you design and send email marketing campaigns. Don’t let the name fool you, this is serious stuff! It also let’s you analyse your results, and to see how many of your emails are opened.

3. Be relevant! The iZettle portal gives you great sales statistics. Take the time to really get to know all the smart features and think about how you can act on your insights. If it turns out that your sales of snowjoggers tend to peak around Christmas, perhaps a 2-for-1 campaign could work out in the beginning of December?

4. Last but not least! Choose a catchy subject line. Keep it short and sweet. Be friendly. Don’t spam.

That’s all for now, folks! Over to you: What are your best business tricks, and how does iZettle make your days better? Please, enlighten us!

Psst… iZettle let’s you take card payments with your smartphone or tablet. Interested? Find out more and sign up for a free account here:

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