5 ways to boost your sales

12 juni 2014

Listen up! It’s time for an SME Masterclass. Interested yet? Well, here are 5 steps to getting customers to buy more stuff from you. Ah, now we’ve got your attention!

1. Go mobile!
Make sure you can accept your customers’ money anytime, anywhere. Imagine having to turn people away because they don’t have any cash. Argh! And to throw a bigger spanner into the works, you might even be in the out-back and beyond without any available cash points to hand - nightmare! iZettle can help you to take your business mobile and just grow the number of places and people you can take payments from.

2. Make your website EASY
You may laugh, but the poor things often get neglected and can turn into never ending mazes. And guess what, rather than sticking it out to find the “Buy Now” button, your customers are going to quit. Purchase cancelled. Keep it clear, concise and essentially, dummy-proof. After all, shouldn’t shopping be easy?

3. You’re more tech savvy than you think!
The initial concept of bringing smart phones and tablets into the mix with payments might seem alien, but don’t be fooled - the technology and equipment is here to serve you, not the other way round. Heck, we can’t all read and write code like it’s child’s play, so iZettle is here to make payments simple for you.

4. Ask for their views
Invite your favourite customers for an informal meet up. Get to know them, and give them a deeper insight into your business. The most important takeaway is that it shows your customers you care about them and are interested in what they think. They’ll love the personal touch!

5. Go that extra mile
We all love to be made to feel special, you can’t deny it. So, why not incorporate this into your business? Featuring customers in blog posts, social media channels or maybe even having a pin board full of customer photos in your shop can spark interest, and even competitiveness to want to be the next face up there. Boost their morale, boost your sales!

So, that was your quick masterclass. Now get out there, try it in action and sell, sell, sell!

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