No cash? No excuses!

13 augusti 2014


16 - 18km gruelling obstacle courses to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and teamwork. Add fire, ice-water, 10,000 volts of electrify and some mud - a lot of mud - into the mix and you’ve got Tough Mudder. Sounds like fun, right? Who are we kidding, we didn’t join in, we just made it easier for those who did (and also probably didn’t) want to! Held all over the world, this time it was Germany’s chance to get stuck in.


There weren’t any sticky situations when it came to registering at Tough Mudder in Germany as iZettle enabled the brave contestants to easily pay for their tickets. Usually, people are thrilled to be able to pay by card when they’re out and about, but this time it meant there was no backing out of this hardcore event, so we think there may have been some mixed feelings floating around! No cash? No excuses!

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