Introducing the iZettle Reader

Enjoy faster payments and all-day battery life with our new card machine

Take card payments everywhere

Every small business is different, but every one of them needs to get paid. The iZettle Reader is quick to set up and easy to use, empowering you to accept credit card and contactless payments – whenever and wherever. Take secure payments all day long in a striking new package.

iZettle Reader
  • Faster payments

    Never miss out on a sale again. The new iZettle Reader accepts card and contactless payments 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market. Let your customers tap, insert and swipe away.
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  • Next-day deposits

    Take the guesswork out of getting paid. We deposit the money you’ve earned the very next business day, no matter which cards you process. It means you can stop waiting weeks to receive your funds, and keep your cash flowing.
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  • All-day power

    Whether your business occupies a shop or slice of pavement, you can easily take any type of payment. It has all-day battery life, lasting 30% longer than other mobile credit card readers on the market, and a stable Bluetooth connection. No cables. No hassle.
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How to take payments

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Enter the total sale amount in our free POS App
Use the reader to take a credit card or contactless payment
Have the customer enter their PIN number
Print a receipt or send it via SMS or email

Tap, insert or swipe

Accept it all. The new iZettle Reader takes chip, swipe and contactless payments from all major credit cards, as well as payments through Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Maestro Card
Visa Card
American express
Vista Electron
Apple pay
Android pay
Contactless pay
Union pay
Samsung pay

No training required

The iZettle Reader can be set up in minutes. Just launch the iZettle app and follow a few easy steps to pair it with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. No training needed. No banks with which to negotiate. It’s simply the easiest way to start accepting card payments faster than ever before.

Fast facts

  • 8 hours active use

    Charge with a micro USB cable (included) or the new iZettle Dock (optional)
  • 2 seconds

    Time it takes for the iZettle Reader to power up
  • 5 seconds

    Time it takes to make a tap-and-go payment (other transactions take under 15 seconds)
  • 11 x 7 x 2 cm

    Dimensions of the credit card reader
  • Contactless, Chip&Pin and Swipe

  • Chip&Pin and Swipe

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Worry-free security

We do the worrying so that you don't have to. The iZettle Reader fulfils the highest industry standards and security requirements there are, making it the most secure reader on the market.

Tamperproof design

We adhere to PCI PTS 4.1, the highest industry standard that ensures our credit card reader’s hardware and software is tamperproof. In fact, the reader self-destructs if someone tries to mess with it – now that’s secure.

Transaction protection

In the rare case that a customer disputes a charge, iZettle offers transaction protection that covers up to €250 in eligible chargebacks per month.

Safe encryption

All credit card data is encrypted according to the strictest standards to make sure your customers’ sensitive information is never compromised.

Person cooking food in a tent

Thanks to iZettle, we can take hassle-free payments anywhere - in our créperie or when we’re out and about. iZettle gives us advantage over fellow traders and helps increase sales since customers sometimes are cashless. It’s awesome to be able to accept both credit cards and contactless payments!

Sweets & Savouries - London

We also support receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners that can empower you to take payments in the way that works best for your business.


The new iZettle Reader comes with a 12-month warranty that starts on the day it’s delivered or collected. During this period, iZettle warrants that the card reader device will be free of material defects that prevent its normal operation.

If you have purchased an iZettle credit card reader as a consumer and not for commercial use, the warranty applies during a longer period as prescribed under applicable and mandatory consumer protection laws.

  1. Price excluding VAT. Offer valid until 31/05/2017 for one (1) iZettle Reader per new business user. Ordinary card reader price £59 excl. VAT. Subject to availability. Additional terms and conditions apply. iZettle Dock and Reader are sold separately. Price includes a USB cable for charging. The cost for a wall plug is not included. Wall plugs are not currently offered for sale by iZettle.