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How to accept card payments

If you’re running your own business, you might be looking for a way to accept card payments and contactless payments. It can seem complicated, but you just need to find the right card reader and app to help you get started. With these two things, you’ve got the basics for your first ‘point of sale’ (POS) and you can start taking payments straight away.

How do I take card payments?


Download the iZettle point-of-sale app, and order a card reader


Connect your card reader with your smartphone or tablet


Start taking card, contactless and device payments in seconds

Why accept card?

Customers can be easily put off by ‘cash-only’ signs, and a clunky checkout process can leave customers wishing they went elsewhere. So when you’re starting to take card payments, you need a solution that’s quick, simple, and won’t let you down. A smooth transaction helps build trust and encourages your customers to keep coming back.

The good news is that it’s easy to get up and running with a modern card machine. When choosing yours, you want to look for a dependable wireless machine that accepts all major cards and works wherever you have a wifi or a 3G/4G signal. To keep your customers happy, make sure your reader powers up quickly and has a long battery life that will last through the day. And don’t forget to check that it meets the highest security standards too.

From AmEx to Apple Pay

With more options than ever for how to pay for goods and services, customers are choosing to use cash less often, in favour of card, contactless and mobile payments. When you’re picking a card reader, it’s best to have all options available for your customers. A modern card reader should accept everything in one – card, contactless and device payment methods such as Apple, Samsung and Google Pay.

American Express
Diners Club
Union Pay

No instruction manual necessary

Running a small business is complex enough. You don’t want to add the extra hassle of an elaborate card machine system and till. So it’s important to choose a card reader that’s simple enough to start using instantly. Find out what the accompanying technology is like – ideally, you’ll download an app with good ratings.

More than just payments – insights too

With every transaction, your payment system collects information. Using this data, you can track things like total sales, tips, sales per staff member and other helpful stats. When these numbers are just a click away, you have the insights to make better business decisions faster. A good POS system will include statistics readymade for you in the app; so you can plan orders, organise and reward staff, or track customer habits in no time.

Card payment checklist:

✓ Reliable connection anywhere you have wifi or 3G/4G

✓ An easy-to-use app with insights

✓ No monthly lock-in fees or expensive contracts

✓ You only pay a small fee per card transaction

✓ Accepts chip and PIN as well as contactless payments from all major card providers and devices

Build a point of sale and start taking card payments with iZettle.