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A business cash advance to help you grow

iZettle Cash Advance offers easy access to capital that can help you expand your business. You pick the amount of cash you need, and repay the Advance a little bit every day.

The funds you need to flourish

Use iZettle Advance to invest in staff, buy more stock or expand your workspace — anything you need to grow!

An easy way to repay

Your Advance arrives within 48 hours and you pay it back, little by little, from daily card transactions — less when things are slow and more when business is booming.

One fixed fee, no added interest

We charge a fixed fee instead of interest, no matter how long you take to pay it back — so you’re always in control of your money.

Getting an Advance doesn’t have to be advanced

Natalie Edwards started selling bespoke glasses frames and lenses in London after years of working for someone else. iZettle Advance helped her invest in her business, stay independent and keep doing what she loves.

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The safest way to build your business

We base the Advance amount on your previous sales, so you can be confident that it’s tailored to your own repayment abilities.

How do I qualify for iZettle Advance?

iZettle Advance is all about you and what your business needs to grow. So eligibility for an Advance is tied to your sales history with us. When you qualify for financing, you’ll receive a personalised offer in your iZettle account at We’ll also let you know via email.

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Get the right support

We want to be a partner that helps you grow. So if you have questions, we’re happy to answer them all. Contact us during the week between 9 am - 5 pm at 02036999934 .

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