Get the funds to fuel your growing business

iZettle Advance offers easy access to capital that can help you expand your business. You pick the amount of cash you need, and repay the Advance a little bit every day. This is funding that fuels your business dreams.

Grow your business

Use your new capital to hire more staff, buy new equipment or stock up for busy periods – as long as it helps you grow.

Pay a fixed fee

There are no hidden costs here. We charge one fixed fee on your Advance, regardless of how long it takes you to pay us back.

Get funds quickly

Applying for an iZettle Advance takes minutes, and funds are deposited directly into your bank account as early as the next day.

Repay it gradually

Paying back your iZettle Advance is effortless - and most importantly - painless. Your repayments are tied to your card sales and made automatically each day. So when business is booming, you pay a little more and when things slow down, your repayments get smaller. Investing in your growing business has never been easier.

How do I qualify for iZettle Advance?

iZettle Advance is all about you and what your business needs to grow. So eligibility for an Advance is tied to your sales history with us. When you qualify for financing, you’ll receive a personalised offer in your iZettle account at We’ll also let you know via email.

If you’re not yet selling with iZettle, take the first step and become a user here.

Get the right support

We want to be a partner that helps you grow. So if you have questions, we’re happy to answer them all. Contact us during the week between 9 am - 5 pm at 02036999934 .

Or get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Advance.

Funds to fuel your dreams

El Taco Truck started serving mouthwatering tacos in 2012 that had people lining up outside their food truck in Stockholm, Sweden. Last spring, they decided it was time to open two more restaurants. They got the necessary capital from iZettle Advance.

testimonials about iZettle advance cash by NIKLAS, OWNER OF EL TACO TRUCK

We had the dream, but needed the financing. When we decided to open up two new locations, iZettle Advance was quick and super easy to get started with. It meant that we could expand right away instead of negotiating with the bank. Better yet, the solution is flexible and attuned to our cash flow. Too good.

Niklas, owner of El Taco Truck in Stockholm, Sweden