My staff

With an iZettle business account, you can add staff members that can accept payments on behalf of your business.

Staff members can:
•   Accept payments on behalf of the organisation
•   Sign in to the iZettle Go-app using their own login details

Staff members cannot:
•   Edit the organisation’s details or bank account
•   Add, change or delete products from the product library
•   Sign in to
•   Invite other staff members

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For account owners

Inviting staff
1. Sign in to your account on and click on “My staff”.
2. Enter your staff member’s first and last name and email address, and click on “Send invite”. Note that the email address cannot already be registered with iZettle. 

The staff member’s first and last name is displayed on the receipt.

Editing/inactivating staff accounts
Sign in to your account on, go to “My staff” and then click on “Edit” next to the staff account you want to edit. 

To change: Enter a new name for the staff account and click on “Save”.
To inactivate: Click on “Inactivate” to inactivate the staff account.
Overview of all transactions
You can download a detailed overview of your transactions when you sign in to your account on There you can see which of your staff members have made a specific transaction.

For staff members

To create a staff account, the account owner needs to invite you. The email address that is used for your staff account can’t already be registered with iZettle.
Creating a staff account
1. Click on the link in the invite email that the account owner sent to you. 
2. Choose a password for your staff account. 
3. Sign in to the iZettle Go-app with your login details and start taking payments on behalf of the organisation. 

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