PayPal Working Capital

iZettle is now a part of the PayPal family, which is why on 24 September  2020, we're saying goodbye to iZettle Advance. In the future, you can say hello to PayPal Working Capital. 

What is PayPal Working Capital?
It’s a cash advance against your future sales that gives eligible customers quick access to business funding with one fixed fee. You then repay as a percentage of your sales with a 90-day minimum repayment requirement.

Why are we replacing iZettle Cash Advance with PayPal Working Capital?
iZettle is now a part of the PayPal family, which is why we’re replacing iZettle Cash Advance with PayPal Working Capital in the future. If you apply and get approved for PayPal Working Capital, you can choose the amount of funding and repayment percentage of your sales from the range offered. Once confirmed you will get funding in minutes.

What are the eligibility requirements for PayPal Working Capital with iZettle?
Your eligibility will be tied to the volume and frequency of your card sales with iZettle. We'll send you an email once you meet the requirements and you can apply for PayPal Working Capital under the ‘Funding’ tab at

Your eligibility will be valid for a limited period of time until a new evaluation will be made to see if you still qualify.

Key criteria for iZettle merchants to meet in order to qualify for PayPal Working Capital:

  • You must meet a minimum threshold of £4,000 in card sales volume per year, processed through iZettle. Your sales volume also helps us determine the amount of your PayPal Working Capital cash advance
  • You must have been an active iZettle merchant for at least 8 months showing a steady or growing number and frequency of card transactions
  • You must have repaid any prior iZettle Advance
  • Please note that these are the most relevant minimum requirements necessary to be eligible to apply for PayPal Working Capital with iZettle. We also look at  additional data regarding your iZettle account, business performance and financial history to determine if you’re eligible to apply and how much money we can offer you.

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