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App improvements

This article contains information regarding our iZettle Pro app

We have made some changes to the look, feel and user experience of the app as part of our continuous improvements to iZettle Pro.

Our biggest changes:

Access “functions” and “PIN entry” pages from main sales screen
The padlock icon that accesses the PIN screen and the grid icon that accesses the “functions” page have been redesigned for better recognition and added to the main sales screen.

Find products from the main sales screen
Search your product library from the main screen, making it easier to find products quickly and add them to an order.

Quickly log out from within the app
You no longer have to go to iOS settings to log out. Now you can log out from the Settings section by selecting Settings> Configuration> General. You are prompted to sync your data, if necessary.

Other recent changes:

Main sales screen

Access Kitchen Msg and Mains away buttons all the time
Send messages to the kitchen or fire main dishes from the main screen at any time, even when there are a large number of items in an order.

Add quantities in the table view
Access the QTYbutton to quickly add multiple products to a table’s order.

See “table view” mode more easily
The new Table order header is larger to make it more obvious that you’re in an order.

In-app settings

Access restrictions have new explanations
We’ve grouped the user access restrictions and added explanations for each one. This makes it easier to control the features your staff can access.

Better navigation from the functions screen
The navigation has been changed so that you always go back to the main Functionsscreen from a function item, rather than the main sales screen.

The layout screen

Spacers now have dotted outlines
The design of spacers (empty boxes where buttons can be moved) now have dotted lines, and align with the design in the backoffice.

We are always looking for feedback so please visit this link.

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