Connect iZettle to your Starling account

A Starling business bank account helps you save time and money with easy mobile or desktop access. Connect your accounting software, get instant payment alerts, automate your expenses and more.

We’ve teamed up so that you can now accept iZettle payments connected to your Starling business bank account. 

How to get started 

Simply go to the Marketplace section of your Starling app, click on Browse and then select iZettle from the Payments section of the menu. Click on Add and select Existing Customer to link your new account to your Starling app and consent to your iZettle data being shared with Starling.

Frequently asked questions

If I change my mind, can I stop sharing my iZettle data with Starling?
You can disconnect your Starling app from your iZettle account at any time. To stop iZettle data being shared with Starling, simply log in to your iZettle web account, select ‘Integrations’, select ‘Connected’, select the Starling Bank integration and open that option, and click ‘Disconnect’.

To remove the iZettle tile from your Starling Marketplace, log into Starling, head to the Marketplace section of the app, click on your iZettle tile and select ‘Remove’. 

What features can I expect from this integration?
The iZettle and Starling integration has three main features:

  • View a summary of iZettle payments in the Starling app
  • View a breakdown of the payments that make up each payout to your account
  • See iZettle payments in the bookkeeping section of the Starling Business Toolkit

What information can I see in Starling after integrating with iZettle?
Once you’ve successfully connected your iZettle account to your Starling app, an iZettle tile will appear. Tapping on your iZettle tile will allow you to view the following information:

  • The number of transactions processed using your iZettle account in the last 7 days
  • The value of transactions processed using your iZettle account in the last 7 days
  • The most popular product sold using your iZettle account in the last 7 days. 

From this screen, you can also manage the data that is shared between iZettle and Starling and remove the integration.

The data displayed from iZettle are the amounts after tax but before fees have been deducted. Please note, transactions will also appear on this tile after iZettle has processed the transaction. This usually takes a few hours but depends on the payment method the customer uses. 

What additional information will I see in the transaction feed after integrating with iZettle?
With the iZettle and Starling integration, we are bringing more information into your Starling app. When you select a payment from iZettle on your transaction feed, you’ll find information about the payout including:

  • The number of transactions in that payout
  • The number of products sold in those transactions
  • Further sales information such as tips, fees and VAT details for the transactions in that payout. If multiple VAT levels are involved in a payout these will be listed separately. 

This can be broken down further into a daily summary for each day of transactions, simply click ‘view daily summary’ at the bottom of the payout receipt.

How does automated bookkeeping work?
The iZettle and Starling integration will also connect to Starling’s Business Toolkit, streamlining your iZettle bookkeeping. The Toolkit is available exclusively in Online Banking - a bookkeeping tool for freelancers, self-employed and small businesses which encompasses a range of invoicing, expenses and tax tools. To access the Toolkit you will need to subscribe, which you can do by navigating to the subscription section in the Starling app, and from there selecting the Business Toolkit.

How will the iZettle integration work with the Business Toolkit?
Using the Business Toolkit and iZettle integration together means that you can correctly account for your revenue processed via iZettle and any iZettle fees. The Toolkit automatically captures the VAT on iZettle transactions, which feeds into your VAT calculations for submission to HMRC.

As the Toolkit supports cash accounting, for each day that you have transactions processed through iZettle (whether that’s card payments, refunds or invoice payments), the integration with Starling will automatically surface these as ‘external transactions’ in the Bookkeeping section of the Toolkit.

The Toolkit groups and summates the day’s transactions based on the iZettle transaction type (see transaction mapping below). For any sales, the Toolkit will create ‘external transactions’, per VAT rate, per day. All of these ‘external transactions’ will be marked as iZettle transactions and we recommend that these aren’t deleted to ensure accurate bookkeeping. 

When you receive your payout from iZettle, we will mark the incoming payment as a ‘transfer’ and not ‘revenue’ if you have an active iZettle integration. This is to avoid duplicate revenue entries as the external transactions that are automatically created each day will be marked as ‘revenue’ for accurate bookkeeping. We recommend that the category of the iZettle payout transaction is not changed, to prevent double counting.

How will iZettle transactions map to the categories in the Starling Business Toolkit?
Here’s how your various iZettle transactions will be classified in the Starling Business Toolkit:

iZettle transaction

Starling transaction category














When will these transactions show in the Starling Business Toolkit? 
We will post these transactions to the toolkit at around midnight on each day that there is an iZettle transaction to show.

Will the itemised receipts show up for these manual transactions?
Not currently but we hope to offer this functionality in the future.

Will I be able to backdate the integration so all my previous iZettle transactions can be recorded this way?
No, currently we will only apply our implementation to any iZettle transactions that have taken place since your last payout when you connect iZettle to your Starling account (and subscribe to Toolkit if you hadn’t already). We hope to explore back-dating in future iterations. 

How can I see which external transactions link to an iZettle payout?
In Bookkeeping, if you search for ‘iZettle’ in the search bar and filter for a specific period covered by an iZettle Payout, you should be able to view the external transactions in relation to that payout. 

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