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Integrate with Shopify (beta)

By integrating with Shopify you can:

  • Import all your Shopify products to your iZettle library
  • Automatically sync the changes you make in Shopify with your products in iZettle
  • Automatically sync inventory changes

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Before you begin

To gain the most benefit from this integration, we recommend that you:

  • Check your Shopify and iZettle accounts have the same store VAT rates
  • Make sure your Shopify stock quantities are up to date

How do I set up my Shopify integration?

  1. Make sure you have signed up to be a part of the Beta using this link.
  2. Once confirmed, sign in to your iZettle account at
  3. Go to your Applications page (Menu > Settings > Applications)
  4. Click on the Shopify button, then click "Connect”. A new page will open – add your Shopify store and then click on “Find store”.

    Currently, we are only able to connect to one Shopify store.
  5. You will be redirected to your Shopify store where you need to enter your login details, then click on “Install app”. You will be redirected back to iZettle.
  6. When you import your Shopify products, you have two options. You can choose to add them to your existing iZettle product library or you can replace all the products in your iZettle library with your products from Shopify.
    If your product library in iZettle is empty, you will not see this option and all your products will be imported from Shopify.
  7. If your Shopify store and iZettle store have the same default VAT rate and the same currency, you can choose to import prices for your products.
    If the VAT or currency don’t match, your products will be imported with a price of 0.

    Example: If your iZettle default VAT rate is 20% but your Shopify store has the VAT set to 5%, you will not be able to import prices. You must set the same VAT rate and currency to import prices.

  8. Click the Sync button and your product inventory sync will start. You’ll be able to watch the progress on your Product list page. You can cancel the import, or undo an import, on your Product list page.
  9. You're all set! 

    Important: Make sure you always update your products in Shopify as any updates you make in iZettle will be overwritten. 

    There are 2 exceptions: Any updates you make to the VAT in iZettle will not be overwritten. If you chose not to import the prices from Shopify, you will be able to set the price in iZettle without it being overwritten. 

How do I undo my changes? 
If you replace your product library and then change your mind or if you wish to remove the imported products, simply disconnect the Shopify application and then reset your product library to its pre-import state.

What is the difference between replacing and adding products? 
If you choose to replace your product library, the products in your iZettle library will be overwritten with the products you import from Shopify. If you add products, the products from your Shopify library will be added to the products in your iZettle library.

Can I disable inventory tracking? 
No. With this integration, the inventory will always be synced between platforms. 

Which products will be imported? 
All your products from Shopify will be added. However, only the inventory levels from your default location on Shopify will be imported and synced. 

Why can’t I import products with prices/How can I import products with prices? 
Your Shopify store needs to have the same default VAT rate and currency as your iZettle store if you want to import prices. If they are not the same, all prices will be set to 0. 

If you don’t want to set the same VAT and currency and therefore can’t import prices, you can set prices for each product in iZettle. 

What product information will and will not be imported and synced?



Product name

Product description



Variant options

Product images

Inventory level**


Bar code






Product type




Compare price



*Price import only possible if both platforms have the same VAT rate and currency
**Inventory imported only if tracked in Shopify

What is the difference between ‘Import from Shopify’ in the product list and this integration?
‘Import from Shopify’ allows you to import your products once but will not keep them up to date. This integration, however, imports both products and inventory levels and keeps them up to date based on sales on both platforms.

You can find more information about the Shopify importer here.

How is my VAT handled? 
iZettle assigns the default VAT rate in your iZettle store to all products imported from Shopify. If you sell products with different VAT rates, please make sure to update their VAT once the import is complete.

What product information should I manage in Shopify? 
You can manage all your product information in Shopify as normal. However, if you change the VAT of your products in Shopify, you need to do the same in iZettle.

What product information should I manage in iZettle? 
We recommend you manage all of the product information imported from Shopify, in Shopify. The exceptions are edits to VAT, product availability and price (if you imported your products with price).

How do I add a product that I don’t want to sell through Shopify? 
Add the product in iZettle and it will not be synced to Shopify.

What happens if I add a new product in iZettle? 
Adding a new product in iZettle won’t add the product to Shopify, so we recommend adding new products in Shopify while using this integration.

What happens if I update a product in iZettle? 
Any product updates made in iZettle won’t update your Shopify store. This applies to all products, whether they were imported from Shopify or not.

What happens if I update a product in Shopify?
Updating a product in Shopify will automatically update the product in iZettle.

Can I export products from iZettle to Shopify? 
No, we don’t support this at the moment.

How do I know which products are imported from Shopify? 
If you try to edit a product on your iZettle app or on, a banner will appear reminding you to edit the product in Shopify.

If I sell in Shopify, will the inventory be updated in iZettle? 
Yes. An order in Shopify will update the inventory number in iZettle, too.

If I sell in iZettle, will the inventory be updated in Shopify? 
Yes. A sale or refund in iZettle will update the inventory number in Shopify, too. Note the inventory will update in your default location in Shopify.

Will Shopify take a percentage fee of the sales made in iZettle?
No. Sales made in iZettle will only update your inventory in Shopify, it will not be considered a sale.

What happens if I manually update the inventory in Shopify/iZettle?
Regardless of where you update your inventory, the update will be reflected in the other platform

How does the integration manage multiple inventory locations from Shopify? 
Currently, only your default location will be synced.

Can I update my default location in iZettle? 
Yes, you have to update the default location in Shopify first. Then simply disconnect your Shopify store from iZettle and then reconnect. 

I’ve updated my product in Shopify, when will I see the changes appear in iZettle? When does the sync happen? 
Changes made in Shopify will update in iZettle almost immediately.

Can I sync multiple Shopify accounts? 
Currently we’re unable to support multiple Shopify accounts

Some of my products haven’t appeared in my library, what can I do? 
Find the product in Shopify and make a small edit (such as the name) to start the sync again, then check your iZettle library to see if the product has appeared.

If the product still doesn’t appear in your iZettle library, please contact support.

The integration says Setup Incomplete - what should I do? 
You may not have completed every step to import your products. Click into the integration and complete the setup.

How do I disconnect?

  1. Sign in to your iZettle account at
  2. Go to your Applications page (Menu > Settings > Applications) and click the Shopify integration
  3. Click the disconnect button on the right of the page, this will open up a new window and you will have the option to either delete or keep your products imported from Shopify.
  4. Once you have made a decision, your iZettle account will be disconnected from Shopify

Can I connect multiple iZettle accounts to my Shopify store?
Not right now, you can only connect one iZettle account to one Shopify store.

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